There’s nothing better than a childhood spent working day in and day out with your family, except when that job involves the cattle industry, and I was one of those lucky kids who got to spend my childhood developing a passion for good livestock working on my family’s Caffee Ranch in Wessingston Springs, South Dakota. The area is known for quality cattle and our operation produced Angus, Maine-Anjou and Simmental-influenced cattle much like so many breeders in the area. With such a flood of high end calves being offered every year, I quickly learned the value of setting yourself and your livestock apart through an effective, creative, honest marketing program. As I assisted my family in developing our own promotional materials, I fell in love with photography, videography, design and every other facet of quality marketing programs…and the more involved I became in our own advertising campaigns, the more I recognized a need for skilled individuals with the background and passion to effectively capture and promote livestock.

In 2006, LC Promotions was born to help fill that void and I began this exciting adventure into professional livestock photography and marketing with the purchase of my first camera. At the time, I was an undergrad at Oklahoma State University working on a degree in Animal Science. This education combined with growing up actively involved in our ranch, reigning as National Maine-Anjou queen from 2004-2005, serving as National Junior Maine-Anjou Board of Directors president from 2005-2007, interning for the American Shorthorn Association, and showing cattle from the time I was old enough to hold a halter all helped me to develop a thorough working knowledge of the different facets of the cattle industry and learn the key concepts needed to best promote livestock. I owe so much credit to my dad, Dave, and mom, Nancy for teaching me all they know about ranching and giving me the ability to develop an eye for capturing the best phenotype possible in photos.

I love this industry and feel so blessed to have the opportunity to combine my love for good livestock and my passion for good marketing into a job I love every minute of. And the people make it that much more enjoyable. I currently live in Wessington Springs, just 12 miles from our ranch. I still own cattle and help with the marketing and management as the ranch continues to grow. LC Promotions and my own cattle are my greatest joys - if I'm not taking photos across the Midwest, you can find me on the ranch or on my horse.

It’s been an absolute pleasure to assist so many of you in developing honest, effective, quality marketing materials that best highlight the purpose of your program. I look forward to continuing to work with you and for those of you considering advancing your marketing program, I would love the opportunity to be a part of your next promotional campaign!